Top 6 Benefits LED Street Light Fixtures You Should Know!

Many cities provide street lights to make people feel safe as they walk on the streets or drive at night. With enough street lights in many places, a city or town improves its business growth. 
Public street lights make it possible for restaurants, movie theaters, amusement parks, shopping malls, and other businesses to open for longer hours in the evenings. 
When people feel safer at night, they are more willing to visit night business and entertainment areas and thus create more profits for these businesses and the city. Street lights can lessen the amount of crime and traffic road accidents in the city. 
Over time, cities more and more widen their use of public street lights in many of their communities. However, the amount in the cost of keeping the street lights on throughout the night is expensive. 
Therefore, the availability of LED street light fixtures makes it possible for cities to replace costly traditional incandescent lights with LED lighting. When we talk of traditional street lights, we mean high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. It is common to see HPS street lights in most urban areas lighting up our streets.
                                  What are LED Street Lights?
LED street lights refer to a public road lighting system that uses light-emitting diodes (LED). Manufacturers design them to save on energy and the cost of repairing them. 
We connect the reduced price of buying these lights to more producers making them and people requesting them. Let's find out why people prefer to purchase LED street light fixtures?
                                 Benefits of LED Street Light!
1. Cost-saving
We talked about how costly it is for a city to keep its street lights on during darkness. So, cost-saving is one reason that pushes a city, town, or client to buy these LED street lights. 
Over time, it costs the city less money to order and maintain the LED lights than it is for them to continue keeping the traditional lighting. 
2. Energy-saving costs 
LED street light fixtures use 75% to 90% less energy than traditional lighting fittings with better lighting. One report shows a survey done on city lighting from dawn to dusk. The LED light street fixture systems spent 1.24 kW of electricity, while the traditional street light spent 3.4 kW. 
This case shows that the regular street lights used almost 3x as much electricity as LED street light fixtures. 
However, we cannot forget that having LED street light fixtures fitted is costly. However, with time, the expense is worth the installation costs. 
How so? The costs saved on its maintenance and the saving cost on reduced electricity use in time offset the investment costs.
3. Last Longer 
Reports state that LED street lights lifespan is between 8 to 15 years as it gives 50,000 to 100,000 hours of lighting. 
We see the benefit of the LED street lights when we compare them to the 5,000 to 8,000 lighting hours the traditional lights give. The longer the LED lights last, the better their maintenance costs.
4. Save on Maintenance Costs
LED street light fixtures only need replacement when they cannot be of use. Thus, the cost of keeping them in shape is much more reduced. Think about it this way. LED light household bulbs made it possible for many of us to replace the traditional lightbulb in our houses. 
So, think about the last time you changed your LED lightbulb compared to the regular lightbulb? Did it not take you longer to replace it? 
Now, let us connect this thought with the use of LED street light fixtures. Since the LED street lights fixtures last for 8 to 15 years, the city will not have to keep changing them.
5. The Color of The LED Street Light Fixtures and Visibility
When do you think of driving up a highway or street into your neighborhood, you might think of yellowish glowing street lamps and shadowed streets. 
This picture is present in our mind as these street lights represent the traditional street lighting system.
LED street light fixtures seem brighter when compared to traditional street lights. The white or bluish-white color produced by these street lights provides almost as powerful light as natural light. 
LED street light fixtures make it easier for you to see the road better, the features of surrounding objects, and the corners of the road. Installing companies fix these lights to shine onto the streets and sidewalks and less so into nearby areas.
The advantage of clearly seeing objects under the LED street lights reduces the number of road accidents.
6. Meets Environmental Standards
With countries searching for ways to reduce their cities’ pollution, LED street light fixtures meet the standards set by the city by-laws. LED does not have unsafe chemicals such as mercury and lead or poisonous gases that can cause harm to you. 
The safety of the LED lights makes it easier to throw away used LED fixtures easier. However, it is good to note that these LED fixtures are 100% recyclable, reducing wastage and increasing their value.
Final Thoughts
We have listed a few of the benefits of LED street light fixtures. You save on pricing, electricity, and maintenance costs. LED street light fixtures give off an almost natural light visibility experience, making walking or driving on the streets is safer. 
The safer people feel at night in your city or business base, the more purchases they make or working longer hours. 
Let us not forget that LED street light fixtures are less harmful to us and the environment. Take the first step to install LED street light fixtures. Talk to us professionals for the best advice and guidance.
Lebodaworld Lighting is a top LED light producer and supplier in China. We can provide you with expert advice on LED street light fixtures. We have worked with and installed LED lamp solutions for customers living in over 80 countries and regions. 
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