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Are you looking for high-quality, energy-saving industrial and mining lighting solutions? As a first-class LED high bay light manufacturer, we focus on providing first-class high bay light products. Contact us today to learn about the benefits of our LED high bay lights.
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Wholesale or Customized LED High Bay Light Products

As a top LED high bay light supplier in China, we specialize in providing high-quality LED high bay lights for industrial and commercial environments. Whether you're looking for cost-effective lighting for a larger project or custom lighting for a unique application, we have the service and the products.

led high bay light

Buildings like factories, warehouses, shops, gymnasiums, and supermarkets, with high ceilings above 20 inches, are places to install LED high bay luminaires. If you are considering replacing traditional high bay lamps and using durable and explosion-proof high bay LED fixtures, then Leboda lighting is a professional LED high bay light supplier.


The main advantages of Leboda LED high bay lights:

The LED high bay light we designed has many advantages, its main advantages include:

Energy-saving and high-efficiency: Our specially designed LED high bay lights are more energy-efficient, and can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%~70% while providing the same light output. This will save you even more operating costs!

Long lifespan: Our LED high bay lights last longer, 10 times longer than traditional lights. This reduces maintenance costs and the need for frequent replacement.

Instant-on: LED high bay lights have an instant-on feature, which means they provide lighting immediately when turned on, no warm-up period required.

Durability: LED high bay lights are extremely durable and can withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration.

Better Color Rendering: LED high bay lights provide a more natural and consistent color rendering, improving visibility and reducing eye strain.


Some main applications of Leboda LED high bay lights:

Our LED high bay lights are mainly suitable for areas requiring high distance, such as industrial and commercial spaces with ceilings, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, stadiums, supermarkets and retail stores. Overall, our LED high bay lights are suitable for various other indoor and outdoor environments where high brightness is required.


Leboda's services for your project

Leboda lighting manufactures premium LED high bay lights. We provide 50-watt led high bay lights to 500-watt led high bay lights. They are of excellent lumen efficiency, and good heat dissipation design and can be used safely in inflammable and explosive places. Special sealing and coating treatment on the lamp surface make sure that they will not corrode or rust in a humid and high-temperature environment.

Leboda is committed to guaranteeing 5 years warranty and offering competitive products to our global customers.


Why Choose Us

Customized Service

Personalized design service, design excellent LED street light products for your project.

Direct Factory Price

We have a modern factory in China, so our LED street light prices are more competitive.

Good Quality Control

Our products have obtained international certification, and every manufacturing process has been strictly controlled.

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Our Certificate

Our LED lighting solutions have been granted numerous international certifications, ensuring that our customers are purchasing top-notch, secure, and eco-friendly products. These certifications include ISO9000, ISO14000, ENEC, CE, CB, and SAA.

FAQs About Buying Led Lights

Q1. How to proceed with an order for LED light?
A: Step 1 Let us know your requirements or application. Step 2, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Step 3, the customer confirms the sample and pays the deposit for the formal order. Step 4, we arrange the production.
Q2. Can I order samples of LED lights?
A: Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check the quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
Q3. How do we guarantee quality?
A: Always pre-production samples before mass production, always final inspection before shipment.
Q4. Is it OK to print my logo on the LED light product?
A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design based on our samples first.
Q5. How long is the delivery time?
A: Sample needs 3-5 days, mass production time needs 1-3 weeks.
Q6. What kind of payment methods does the company support?
A: T/T, and L/C at sight. If you have other payment, cash is accepted, please contact me.

Your Professional LED High Bay Light Manufacturer in China

As one of the best LED high bay light manufacturers and suppliers in China. Leboda was founded in 2013. Our LED light company has passed the ISO9001 quality certification management system. We strictly abide by the procedures of the quality management system and accept the supervision of third-party institutions.




China's top led light manufacturer

Leboda led was established in 2013 and is a professional LED lamp manufacturer in China. We have a first-class team of engineers, focusing on manufacturing environmentally friendly, efficient, and low-cost LED light products. Through our core technology to reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of lighting, and improve the environment!

We have been providing high-performance products to valuable customers from Europe, America, Australia, Africa, etc.

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