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Are you looking for high-quality, energy-efficient garden lighting solutions? As a first-class LED street light manufacturer, we focus on providing first-class garden light products. Contact us now to learn about the advantages of our LED garden lights.
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Wholesale or Customized LED Garden Light Products

As a top LED garden light supplier in China, we specialize in providing LED lights for parks, gardens, courtyards. Whether you are looking for cost-effective lighting for large-scale projects, or custom lighting for unique applications, we can provide services and products.

The Leading LED Garden Manufacturer and Supplier in China

If you are looking for a reliable and professional manufacturer of LED Gardens, then leboda is your best choice! With our professional production technology and knowledge, we have provided solutions and lighting products for led light projects in more than 30 countries. And we cooperate with well-known LED manufacturers such as Philips and Osram to produce products for them.

leboda has many years of outdoor LED Garden manufacturing experience and can provide LED Garden that best suit your needs. Contact us now to become our LED lamp wholesaler and distributor!



Why Choose Us

Customized Service

Personalized design service, design excellent LED street light products for your project.

Direct Factory Price

We have a modern factory in China, so our LED street light prices are more competitive.

Our products have obtained international certification, and every manufacturing process has been strictly controlled.

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Our Certificate

Our LED lighting solutions have been granted numerous international certifications, ensuring that our customers are purchasing top-notch, secure, and eco-friendly products. These certifications include ISO9000, ISO14000, ENEC, CE, CB, and SAA.

FAQs About Buying Led Lights

Q1. How to proceed with an order for LED light?
A: Step 1 Let us know your requirements or application. Step 2, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Step 3, the customer confirms the sample and pays the deposit for the formal order. Step 4, we arrange the production.
Q2. Can I order samples of LED lights?
A: Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check the quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
Q3. How do we guarantee quality?
A: Always pre-production samples before mass production, always final inspection before shipment.
Q4. Is it OK to print my logo on the LED light product?
A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design based on our samples first.
Q5. How long is the delivery time?
A: Sample needs 3-5 days, mass production time needs 1-3 weeks.
Q6. What kind of payment methods does the company support?
A: T/T, and L/C at sight. If you have other payment, cash is accepted, please contact me.
Q6. What kind of payment methods does the company support?
A: T/T, and L/C at sight. If you have other payment, cash is accepted, please contact me.

Your Professional LED Garden Light Manufacturer in China

As one of the best LED Garden Light manufacturers and suppliers in China. Leboda was established in 2013. Our LED lighting company has passed the ISO9001 quality certification management system. We strictly abide by the procedures of the quality management system and accept the supervision of third-party organizations.

Leboda is China's leading manufacturer of led street lights!

As one of the largest led street light manufacturers, we know what kind of led street light is the best. We can customize and produce led street lights that meet your project needs. The first-class team of engineers can provide you with reasonable solutions!


Why choose us as a supplier of led street lights

● As a well-known brand in China, leboda has professional knowledge and team

● Personalized design service, design excellent LED street light products for you

● With multiple outdoor installation cases, able to give the best guidance and suggestions

● One-stop service to solve all the problems you encounter


Are you ready to cooperate with one of the best led street light manufacturers?

Let me use professional led street lamp knowledge and products to serve you, and contact our team immediately.


The Ultimate Guide to LED Garden Light Manufacturers(Click to Show More Content)

Led Garden Light Manufacturer

What is Led Garden Light?

LED garden lights, also known as landscape lighting, refer to outdoor lighting used for public landscapes and private gardens. This type of lighting is mainly used for accessibility, nighttime aesthetics, and safety purposes.

Where Are Led Garden Lights Used?

LED garden lights are widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors and other public places on one side or two volumes of roads for road lighting to improve the safety of people traveling at night Sex is used to increase the time people spend outdoors and to improve the safety of life and property.

What Are the Characteristics of Led Garden Lights?

LED garden light is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture. Its light source uses a new type of LED semiconductor as the illuminant, usually referring to outdoor road lighting fixtures below 6 meters. Its main components are LED light source, lamps, light poles, and flanges It is composed of 5 parts: plate and basic embedded parts. Because LED garden lights have the characteristics of diversity, beauty, beautification, and decoration of the environment, they are also called landscape LED garden lights.

What Are the Types of Led Garden Lights?

LED Floodlights

Floodlights are used to light up large areas, where you need essential lighting brightness for social activities. Floodlights can be installed on the wall or on the ground to illuminate entire portions of your yard.

Garden Spike Lights

Garden Spike lights or garden Spotlights are used to highlight certain garden features, such as a tree, a plant, or a wall. Mostly the garden spike lights give uplighting and you fix them into the grass or mud by the spike.

Recessed Step Lights

The step lights are usually embedded in concrete and stone steps and stairs for safety reasons. Step lights can make the pathway bright enough for people to see what on the way they are going on. Step lights can light up the way people from one area to another area, like to the seating area, to pools, or back to the patio.

LED Bollard Lights

LED bollard lights are used to line and light pathways. Usually, they are installed along the pathways onto the grass or near the plants.

Underground Lights / Well Lights

Underground lights/well lights are usually embedded in wooden decks and ground and can be used to spotlight certain areas or outline the boundary of the flowerbed. You can use the underground lights in the dark areas to create additional lighting.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Led Garden Lights?

Compared with ordinary garden lights, although the cost-effective LED garden lights are slightly higher in the initial purchase cost, compared with ordinary garden lights, its product life cycle is longer, and the lighting range can reach 2 times that of ordinary garden lights. Therefore, in the same period, the purchase cost of LED garden lights is actually much lower than that of general garden lights.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Led Garden Lights?

You should consider the cost as the price of led garden lights varies by type and design or manufacturer. Experienced sales staff can help you choose the right led garden light according to your budget and requirements.

How to Find Led Garden Light Manufacturers in China?

  • Trade Shows: This type of trade show allows you to come face-to-face with the perfect producer for the final supply of safety equipment. For maximum connection, you should target local trade shows that specialize in security equipment or related things.
  • Online Trading Sites: Various online trading sites can help you find the right LED garden light manufacturer. Well-known b2b websites in China include Alibaba, made in China, etc.
  • Purchasing agency: You can look for purchasing agency companies in China, which can help you save a lot of time and improve efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Led Garden Light Manufacturer?

When choosing the right led garden light supplier, you must check the occupational safety level of each company to make sure their led garden light meets international standards.

Also, you need to compare the prices of led garden lights from different manufacturers so that you can determine which manufacturers can reduce your manufacturing costs for you.

If you buy led garden lights from a Chinese manufacturer, you should look for some qualities. These characteristics help ensure effectiveness and efficiency, and set LED garden light manufacturers apart from the competition. Some characteristics you should look for include

  • Super qulity
  • stylish design
  • Durability
  • Meet safety standards
  • Reliable product quality


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