Some Common Problems Regarding LED Street Light- You Needed To Know and Fix!

Due to the poor quality of most LED Street lights used there have been various complaints and dissatisfaction with street lights found on major roads. The new white LED Street light that is being refitted in cities has a lot of problems. 
As in the case of the city of Davis, California, - where the residents asked for a complete replacement of these high color street lights. These responses to LED are a result of a problem with the LED light which you are about to read.
1. Discomfort and Glare.
The new LED Street light has a greater concentration of blue light when compared to red and orange light. This causes severe glare which results in pupillary constriction in the eye and can damage the retina. 
This presents a safety issue when walking at night but you can handle this by using a lamp design in which the LED light is recessed within the lamp. 
You could also use computer glasses or anti-reflective glasses to prevent damage to the eye. A fixture, usually inexpensive, that creates a glare that can distract drivers and also lead to pedestrian trips and fall accidents. They should be avoided.
2. Poor Heat Dissipation Design
LED lights are a cold light source that is known to be thermophobic, so efficient heat dissipation measures must be taken to ensure the life span of LED lights. 
Poor dissipation technique leads to a higher rate of ageing and instability of LED lights. A conical cylindrical thermally conductive core is used to effectively solve the problem and it is also cost-efficient.
3. The Use Of Counterfeit Chips and Driving Power
Most manufacturers reduce costs by making use of counterfeit chips but still selling LED lights at their original price to the detriment of customers just to make more profit. 
The chips and driving powers are the core components of LED lighting that directly determine the performance and luminosity. This problem can't be resolved except by purchasing LED lights from trusted companies like Lebodaworld.
4. Replacing Gold Wires with Copper Wires
Most manufacturers replace the gold wires in the circuit with gold plated copper wires or silver wires. Though copper wires have some advantages over gold wires they are much worse in terms of chemical stability. 
Silver alloy wires and gold-coated wires are prone to corrosion by sulphur, chlorine or bromine, while copper wires are prone to oxidation and vulcanization. This would make the LED vulnerable to broken wires after use for some time resulting in LED beads failure.
5. The Penetrability of LED Lights
There are usually poor visuals when driving on roads with an LED street light when it is foggy or rainy. This causes a risk of accidents. This can be resolved by improving the design of the LED street lights.
6. LED Street Lights Cannot Brighten
LED lights have the disadvantage of being unable to have their brightness adjusted. Most of the time when LED lights are faulty, they tend to begin from the beads, reducing the brightness and then spreading until the whole lamp is dark. 
The solution to this is to check the circuit for circuit failure and if the circuit is fine, then check the drive because these are the major causes. If the drive is faulty, purchase a new one and replace it.
7. Energy Conserving But Insufficient Illumination 
The LED lights have the function of saving energy, but most manufacturers take advantage of this and reduce its illumination. This leads to streets with LED street lights looking dark with little visibility. This can be resolved by using luminous covers for the LED light.
8. Unreasonable Light Distribution Design and Poor Penetrability Lens
The light distribution design is very important in LED light. If the distribution design is not done properly it would affect the illumination negatively. If the design is unreasonable, it would be discovered by manufacturers earlier during the testing. They may not inform the clients if the test result wasn't positive.
9. Harmful Materials That Affect The Life Span Of LED Street Lights
Lighting companies most of the time encounter problems like LED most of the materials used in lighting fixtures need to be tested properly before use.
10. Overstated Product Parameters By Manufacturers
This is something that happens occasionally because the manufacturer wants to catch the eye of the consumer and give their product a good market position. This is done by reducing the configuration and doctoring facts to support the image they want to present and sway the target market. 
Buyers normally look for a better deal when purchasing products but it results in unhealthy competition between companies. This would lead to dirty tricks by sellers, increasing the difficulty in selecting cost-effective LED street lights from a wide variety of products.
Final Thoughts
If you're hoping to get a LED street light, I hope I have exposed you to some of the problems you could encounter knowingly or unknowingly. I also hope that I have given you solutions to the problems. The problem lies with the lighting companies most of the time, trying to reduce cost or exaggerate value. But that doesn't mean that there aren't trustworthy companies out there.
Though there are so many issues with purchasing a good LED street light, it isn't impossible. For any kind of lighting product you desire, Lebodaworld is the perfect choice for credibility and integrity. 
Lebodaworld is a leading manufacturer of LED lights in China, specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales, and installation of outdoor LED lighting products. We use smart chips, high luminous efficiency, high energy saving, high environmental protection. 
Our products are suitable for all kinds of outdoor roads, highways, commercial streets, and other outdoor places. We are a source you can trust! Make sure to share this post if you found it to be helpful.


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