8 Reasons Why Led Street Lights Are Not on


At present, LED street lights are used on the roads in many cities, but if the street lights do not turn on, in addition to the quality of the bulbs and the power supply of the LED street lights, it is more likely that there are problems with the connection and welding of the lamp sockets. The non-lit LED should be replaced at this time. Check lights, or lights that don't come on, and repair problems found. What should I do if the led street light does not turn on? This article will introduce to you the reasons why the led street light does not light up.

Question 1

LED street light power supply is also a link that is prone to failure. Some of the street lamp power supplies used by many street lamp manufacturers are not waterproof, which leads to a short circuit of the positive and negative poles of the LED street lamp power supply after it enters the water, resulting in unstable voltage. When configuring the LED power supply, choose a qualified manufacturer. The LED power supply with good waterproof quality is a guarantee for the quality of the LED street light.

Question 2

The red light indicates that it is charging, and the blinking indicates that the power is overcharged. If it is a yellow light, it indicates that it is out of power and cannot be turned on normally. At this time, the battery voltage of the street light needs to be checked. If the power supply is normal, then replace the new controller to see if it is normal. , If it is normal, it is absolutely determined that the controller is broken. If the light is not on, check whether the wiring is dropped.

Question 3

The quality of LED chips is poor. Now the quality of LED chips on the market is mixed. Some LED chips are of poor quality and have a very short service life. They will be damaged after a long time, and will naturally not light up.

Question 4

When finished, check whether the line is damaged or not. If the insulating layer is worn and the current is conducted through the lamp pole, it will cause a short circuit and the lamp will not light up. By the way, some LED street lights are also on during the day and cannot be turned off. In this case, most of the controller components are burned out.

Question 5

The output current of the selected driving power supply is unstable, the fluctuation of the LED passing current is too large, and the continuous current fluctuation causes the breakdown of the LED chip, which makes the LED flood light not bright, which is difficult to repair;

Question 6

The internal link lead of the LED is disconnected, causing no current to flow through the LED, resulting in a dead light. This is because the LED packaging process is not handled well or the current/voltage is too large to cause the lead to burn out;

Question 7

The power supply is burned out: the power supply works for a long time, the heat dissipation performance of the power supply is not good and the electrolytic capacitors selected are not up to standard, or the working environment temperature is too high, which may easily cause the power supply to be damaged in a short time.

Question 8

Check if the external circuit is open.



The above is a part of the detection and repair methods for the failure of the LED street light to light up. The suggestion to repair the street light is to let professional staff repair it, and it is recommended not to repair the street light without permission.

In fact, there are many factors that cause LED street lights to suddenly not light up, but what everyone needs to pay attention to is that if you want LED street lights to have a long service life, try to choose a reliable LED street light manufacturer when purchasing, and you should also pay attention to regular maintenance. In order to ensure the stability of LED street lights.

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