LED Street Light Vs Traditional Street Light


Compared with previous years, the demand for LED street lights has been greatly improved. However, there are still some areas or road sections that use traditional street lights, so what is the difference between LED street lights and traditional street lights? What are the advantages of using LED street lights instead of traditional street lights? Please read the content, we will answer all your doubts!


The Difference Between Led Street Lights and Traditional Street Lights

1. Comparison of electricity costs between LED street lights and traditional street lights:

The electricity cost of using 60W LED street light for one year is only 20% of the electricity cost of using 250W ordinary high-pressure sodium street light for one year, which greatly saves electricity expenses. trend.


2. Comparison of the laying costs of LED street lights and traditional street lights:

The power of LED street lamps is 1/4 of that of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, and the cross-sectional area required for laying copper cables is only 1/3 of that of ordinary street lamps, which saves a lot of laying costs.

Combining the above two cost savings, the use of LED street lights compared with the use of ordinary high-pressure sodium street lights, the former can allow the owner to recover the cost of the initial increase in investment within one year.


3. Illumination comparison between LED street lights and traditional street lights:

The use of LED 60W street lights can reach the illuminance of 250W high-pressure sodium lamps, which greatly reduces the power usage; LED street lights can be combined with wind energy and solar energy because of their low power usage, and can be used on urban secondary roads.


4. Comparison of operating temperature between LED street lights and traditional street lights:

Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights generate lower temperature during use, and continuous use will not generate high temperatures, and the lampshade will not turn black or burn black.


5. Comparison of safety performance between LED street lights and traditional street lights:

At present, the cold-cathode lamps and electrodeless lamps on the market are all excited by high-voltage point poles for X-ray illumination, and contain harmful metals such as mercury, etc., and harmful rays;

In contrast, LED street lights are safe and low-voltage products, which greatly reduce safety hazards during installation and use.


6. Comparison of environmental performance between LED street lights and traditional street lights:

Ordinary street lamps contain harmful metals and harmful rays in the spectrum. In contrast, LED street lights have a pure spectrum, do not contain infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, have no radiation, do not produce light pollution, and do not contain harmful metals, and their wastes can be recycled. They are typical green lighting products.


7. Comparison of service life and quality between LED street lights and traditional street lights:

The average service life of ordinary street lamps is 12,000 hours. The replacement of street lamps is not only costly, but also affects traffic. It is especially inconvenient to construct in tunnels and other places; Above, once and for all. In addition, the LED street light has good waterproof, impact resistance and shock resistance, stable quality, and is a maintenance-free product within the warranty period.


What Are the Main Advantages of Led Street Lights?

1: LED energy-saving lamps save energy

The power consumption of LED energy-saving lamps is actually 90% lower than that of ordinary bulbs, and 60%-70% lower than ordinary energy-saving lamps. The same brightness and the same thing do the same thing, but the energy-saving effect is very obvious. Ordinary 60W incandescent lamps consume 17 hours of consumption. 1 kWh of electricity, ordinary 10W energy-saving lamps consume 1 kWh of electricity for 100 hours.


2: LED energy-saving lamps protect eyesight

LED energy-saving lamps are driven by DC, no stroboscopic, soft light effect, good for eye protection, while ordinary lamps and lanterns AC power supply has stroboscopic glare.


3: LED energy-saving lamps are efficient

LED energy-saving lamps use high-brightness white LEDs, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 90%, and the calorific value is small. Therefore, the use of LED energy-saving lamps should be efficient and energy-saving.


4: LED energy-saving lamps with long life

LED energy-saving lamps are low-power semiconductor products, using semiconductor chips to emit light, no filament, no glass bulb, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, the service life can reach 50,000 hours, the service life of ordinary incandescent lamps is only 1,000 hours, and ordinary energy-saving lamps use The lifespan is only 8,000 hours.


5: LED energy-saving lamps are environmentally friendly

LED energy-saving lamps use aluminum alloy and PC plastic components, do not contain harmful elements such as lead and mercury, and the recycling rate is more than 98.5%. It will not cause harm to the environment. Ordinary lamps and lanterns contain harmful elements of lead and mercury, which cannot be recycled. It is necessary to deal with garbage. In addition, the DC power supply of LED energy-saving lamps has no electromagnetic interference, while the electromagnetic interference of ordinary lamps and electronic rectifiers is very large.


6: LED energy saving lamp safety

LED energy-saving lamps use aluminum alloy and PC plastic component shells, which are not easy to be damaged when placed at home or in warehouses or during transportation, while ordinary lamps are glass vacuum products, which have certain risks. LED energy-saving lamps require small voltage and current. The heat is small and there is no safety hazard.


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