Top Characteristics of a Perfect LED Street light You Need to Know!


A night walk is a good way to clear one’s head. It gives a warm feeling and a romantic scene for lovers. But when the street, this isn’t possible. So, cities now adopt the use of LED street lights. These lights make night walks possible.

LED street lights illuminate the entire street. Thus, businesses can open till late hours. This increases sales for local businesses. It also allows nightwalkers to come out. So, people are outside to buy things. Theatres can open to nightwalkers. Shops can open tonight buyers and much more.

LED street lights, unlike the traditional lights, are very bright. Their brightness shines across entire streets. So, this helps to reduce crime and accidents. The rate of crime at night reduce with proper street lighting. The dark alleys and corners are lit up. Also, shops with street lights have less robbery. This helps to keep the street safe, especially at night.

These street lights also add extra beauty to streets. The LED illuminates the aesthetics of every item. Thus, it is crucial to street safety and beauty at night. But these lights are often expensive. So, people wonder what its major features are. This we will assess here.


What is LED Street Light?

LED stands for integrated light-emitting diode. So, LED street light refers to lights used for streets. It is public lighting that uses LED technology. Producers often use LED when making street lights. This is because it consumes less energy and is more lasting. So, you can call it road lighting that uses LED tech.

This LED is key in night road travel. It is vital for night business and activities outdoors. So, LED lights have significantly improved street lighting.

Thus, we will discuss the various features of this light. We will discuss what makes it long-lasting. Its efficiency and low heat emission, we will discuss. So, join us and read on.


Top Traits of a LED Street Light!

LED street lights have become famous among producers. More producers are using LED techs for road lights. And also, more cities are adopting LED road lights. This is because it has high efficiency. It is eco-friendly, with low emission, and consumes less energy. But these are not all its features. There is much more that makes it unique from others.

 So, here are the top features of LED street lights. These include;

1. High Efficiency and Reduced Energy Consumption

LED has a great ability to turn energy into light. Its high lumen allows it to turn energy into light, making it more efficient than other bulbs. Only 6 LED bulbs give the light of a 40- watt incandescent bulb. It does this while consuming less energy. This is because LEDs can turn about 70% of their energy to light. Thus, it maximizes efficiency and reduces energy consumption in the process.

LEDs also have lesser heat levels. LED can also dim from 0% to 100%. By doing this, it preserves unnecessary energy consumption. So, you get to adjust street lights to the various conditions around.

Thus, cities use LED lights to reduce emissions and energy wastage but also to ensure high efficiency and intensity. Replacing a 60-watts bulb with LED saves about 160kg of CO2 emission per annum.


2. Great Color Range 

With traditional lights, color ranging was different. You often needed filters or gels to get color range. But LEDs naturally have a great color-ranging ability. With which you can get various colors without filters.

These color ranges do not need filters that burn out. You simply change the diode to get another color. So, by changing the diode, you change the color of the emitted light. This feature gives LEDs an edge over other lights.

Color ranging also helps drivers easily identify targets. It allows pedestrians recognize traffic signs. So, it is ideal for traffic conditions.


3. Long Service Life

One major feature of LED is its longevity. LED is known to have a long lifespan. So, LED street lights are long-lasting.

Its features make it possible for LED to last long. The fact that it consumes less energy. Or that it emits less heat and is highly efficient. These features all work to increase its lifespan.

So, LEDs last thousands of hours than other lights. Over time, the filament of a bulb weakens, causing burnout. But the burning nature of LED is different.

For LEDs, there is lumen depreciation. This is when the amount of light produced gradually reduces. Thus, it reduces quick burnout, as it has to decrease to 30%.

So, LEDs last longer than other bulbs. This is because they burn differently, decreasing energy. Thus, they have higher longevity. This feature makes them crucial for street lighting.  


4. High Brightness and Intensity

LEDs emit a very high level of brightness. Their brightness is such that watts can’t be properly measured. LEDs are very bright, much more than incandescent bulbs.

So, we use lumen to measure LED brightness correctly. This helps to have more accuracy in measurement. So, with LEDs, you can increase street light brightness. But you can also measure beforehand the brightness to expect. This makes it possible to estimate light brightness.

So, you can measure the brightness of LEDs via lumens. And this helps you determine the exact brightness you need for a particular street. It also helps to create uniform illumination among street lights.


5. Low Radiated Heat

Unlike traditional light, LEDs produce less heat. Old lighting heats the filament to a certain level. While LEDs emit electromagnetic energy as light when electrified. This helps to reduce the level of heat emission.

So, LEDs turn the electricity to light. This way, it reduces the heat produced. And it operates at lower heat levels.

While the base of the street light may feel warm, LEDs do not emit heat. Whatever little heat is generated, it emits safely. This is done via a unique heat sink.

So, LEDs are ideal for heat-sensitive areas. They reduce the chances of fire hazards via heat radiation. Thus, this is a crucial feature of LED street lights.


6. Light Direction

LEDs can also direct light effectively. So, the next feature is light direction. Street lights are not house lights; they do not need to illuminate the entire street. But they are meant to reflect on a particular spot.

So, LEDs are ideal for street lights because it directs light. It directs light in a single direction by default. Thus, this helps to reduce energy wastage. Light no longer reflects unwanted spots. But with LED, you can focus light where you desire.

LEDs are thus ideal for directing light to specific street spots. And this feature makes it stand out from other bulbs.


7. Low Carbon and Environmental Protection

LEDs provide less carbon and are eco-friendly, unlike incandescent lights, which burn lots of heat. LEDs are purely electric.

They are also very ideal for solar power tech. Thus, promoting more eco-friendly conditions. This is crucial in a world where pollution is on the rise. So, which LED street lights you can meet emission quotas. You can also promote sustainable living.

You can also recycle LEDs after use. So, they do not pollute the environment even after use.


8. Reliable and Durable

No one likes buying something that isn’t durable. Neither do we like purchasing an item that isn’t reliable. Thus, cities always want to get reliable street lights.

LEDs feature durable and reliable parts. It is ideal to operate in cold weather. It has heat, water, and impact resistance. Thus, it can operate in more complex situations.

Thus, it is ideal for outdoor usage, especially in the streets. This is due to exposure to harsh weather. Its parts can operate effectively in these conditions.


Final Thoughts

Street lights are vital for various reasons. They determine business sales in the city; they also decide the crime in such a city. Accidents are also reduced with adequate street lighting. Thus, cities seek to find that perfect street light.

LED street light fits that category. Indeed, with the features discussed above, you would agree. It is a very reliable and durable source of light. It is very eco-friendly and promotes safe living. LEDs are also very efficient, with less heat and more brightness. So, why not use LED for your street light.

LED improves street lighting. It ensures you get the best out of street lights. With it, nightwalkers can come out with no fear. You can direct light to where you want with LEDs. And you are ensured of a long lifespan with LEDs—the use of LEDs that evolved street lighting.

Lebodaworld Lighting is a top LED light producer and supplier in China. We can provide you with expert advice on LED street light fixtures. We have worked with and installed LED lamp solutions for customers living in over 80 countries and regions. 

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