LED Street Light Installation Guide and Maintenance Procedure!


Do you want to know how to install and maintain LED street lights? Then, read this article on the installation and maintenance guide for LED street lights.


LED Street light is becoming essential for many cities. Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits that LED lights bring. Thus, more cities are changing yellow streets light for white. But this needs some extra knowledge.

Like everything else you buy, you have to install and maintain it. When you buy a new TV, you’ve to set it up. Same time when you buy a car, you’ve to maintain it. Proper maintenance helps to keep it in good condition. Same way, you need to properly maintain LED lights.

But let’s begin with installation. Using the wrong installation can ruin your light. Or it can affect its efficiency right from the start. So, you must use adequate installation methods. LED street lights have various means of installation. The process of installation depends on the type of LED light. But we will show you the most adequate installation method.

We will also discuss ways you can maintain LED lights. These steps would help preserve its quality. So, read on and get the right guide. But let’s begin by examining what LED street lights are.


What is LED Street Light?

LED stands for light emitting-diode. So, literally, LED Street light is a light emitting-diode street light. It involves the switch from yellow to white street lights. A switch from heat powered to electric powered bulbs.

It is a street lighting system that uses LED technology. This tech is highly efficient and consumes less energy. It is very durable and eco-friendly. Thus, it is the key to reducing emissions and pollution. LED Street light has sparked many debates. But still, many cities continue to adopt even as their tech improves.

So, we must discuss how to install LED lights. And also discuss how to maintain these street lights.


What is Installation and Maintenance Guide?

Installation means making a machine ready for use. In this case, it is the process of setting up LED street lights for use. LED lights are installed on streets for use. It could involve the setting of the pole, or it could be the electric setup of the bulbs. Thus, it encompasses the entire process of making it ready for use.

Maintenance refers to preserving something. That is the nature or condition of a thing. In this case, it is the process of maintaining the conditions of LEDs, intending to preserve the top performance of the lights.

So, we will examine ways to install a LED street light. And we will discuss ways to preserve the working conditions of this light.


Led Street Light Installation and Maintenance Guide!

When a product is well maintained, it lasts longer. Yes, LED lights have a long service time. But this is consumable. Thus, you must regularly maintain it. This would help avoid frequent replacements and save costs. But first, you have to install it right.

So, here are LED light installation tips and maintenance methods.


1. LED Street Light Installation Tools

First, for adequate installation, you need some tools. Without these tools, the process would be complex. So, let’s begin by identifying these essential tools.

You should get a complete set of wrenches with you. Then, you get a 30cm live spanner. This is separate from the whole set. You also need a multi-meter and screwdriver.

Get for yourself a 50m measure tape and stripping pliers. Also, you should get several conductors.

For the heavy work, you need a truck with tables. You need some warning signs and flash lamps having lift stations. Not forgetting an electrician tape.

You would get few of these from LED light producers. But others you would have to get by yourself.


Installation Precautions

There are some precautions you should note before installations.

First, ensure your construction have the required knowledge. Make sure that they have the expertise needed for this installation. Always use a light cloth or protective items underneath when the street lamp faces down.

Avoid working in electrical environments. Also, set up warning signs before installing to alert the public. Then, only work in favorable weather conditions. For example, don’t install in heavy rain or strong wind. Check the weather to know that it’s ideal for installation.


Installation Working Tip

Moving forward, you should confirm all items are in the package. That is, ensure you open the package, and separate the packing material above the light. Also, remove the LED street light itself.

Go ahead to ensure all items are in the pack. You can cross-check using the list of things on the package.

Also, check the fasteners; make sure they are solid. You don’t want the loosening of the fastener during installation. Also, check if the lamp is working using a power debug. And ensure the lamp assembly is correct.

After which, you should follow the steps below;


Installation Guide

Start by connecting the lamp’s power wire to the cord of the connector. That is, connect the light with the lever control case. Here, you join the yellow wire (sometimes, yellow-green) to the ground wire.

Next, you join the black and white cables. Sometimes, it may be brown and blue cables. But ensure you cover each connection point. This is to avoid electric shock or water exposure. You could use waterproof items or a protective material or tape for it.

Then, go ahead to lock the ground wire. You close it with the screw line. This is if you have no yellow line. Afterwards, make sure the screws join with the lamp’s metal casing.

Next, you have to adjust the angle of the lights. You do this by combining the cantilever and the light’ cap hole. So, you change the direction of the light to your desired spot. This is so that you have proper illumination from the lights.

The final is to test if the light is working. But first, fasten the screws and attach the LED lights.


Electrical Safety Precautions

There are several measures you can take to ensure electrical safety. Some include;

Concerning on-site lighting - let the lighting wire be insulated. Also, there is no dragging of the guideline. And that it’s not tied to the enclosure.

You should set the distribution box separately. Then, ask for a one-machine one-brake power that has a two-part leakage protection tool. Also, pay keenly notes the moisture level. And firmly install the power distribution box.

Let your distribution box be standard. Ensure the switchgear is not damaged or faulty. Also, place leakage protector in the distribution box.

These are a way to ensure electrical safety.


2. Maintenance Procedure

Beyond installation, you must maintain LED street lights. This ensures top performance for long from these lights. The maintenance procedures depend on the type of LED light. For instance, the maintenance process for solar lights differs from electric.

So, here are some maintenance methods for LED street lights.


To maintain the driver and electrical parts.

Open the top case of the electrical part. Do this by loosening the buckle locker. Then ensure to disconnect the wires from the terminal base.

After that, you unscrew the screws on the driver. Then, disconnect the driver from its output wires.

After doing these, you can replace a failed driver with a new one. Or check the driver. Then, you fasten the screws and close the cover.

The process is similar when dealing with an engine

You begin by loosening the screws at the upper cover. Then you unscrew the waterproof connector for the failed engine. You still have to unscrew the screw behind the engine.

Next, you can replace the faulty module with a new one. Fasten the screws back, reconnect to the terminal connector and return the cover.

These are ways to maintain LED street lights.


Final Thoughts

Adequate installation and maintenance save you cost long-term. Using the right installation tips helps LED lights operate correctly. And we have highlighted some of these processes for you. Follow it, and you would have no issue installing LED lights.

Do not forget your electrical precautions while installing. These are very important. But first, ensure you’ve all the right tools for installation.

Maintenance is also crucial to the LED light operation. It requires regular checkups and care. This would help you avoid unwanted damages. Regularly check the engine and drivers of your LED lights. This is crucial in preventing burnout. LED lamps have a long lifespan, but inadequate maintenance can shorten it. So, schedule regular maintenance for your street light. Remember, though, that these methods differ based on the type of LED light.

Lebodaworld Lighting is a top LED light producer and supplier in China. We can provide you with expert advice on LED street light fixtures. We help with the proper installation and maintenance of LED lights. Also, we’ve worked with and installed LED lamp solutions for customers living in over 80 countries and regions. So, we are experienced in LED light installation. Thus, contact us for your next LED street light installation.

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