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China professional LED light manufacturer - LEBODA

LEBODA LIGHTING is a professional manufacturer and exporter focusing on outdoor & industrial lightings, LED street lights, high-bay lights and floodlights etc.

Unique innovative design and reliable quality are always our promise, and to satisfy your customized LED solutions are always our pursuit. We have been supplying high performance products to the valuable customers from Europe, America, Australia, Africa etc., with the goal of making their works more effective and life more bright. We have professional teams, such as R&D, QC, sales and production people, with modern testing machine equipment!

Benefits of LED Lights

1. The lamp body is very small: LED light is very small, very fine LED chip encapsulated in the transparent epoxy, so it is very small, very light, in the production and application can save a lot of materials and space.

2. Energy consumption is very low and the LED can be called the true energy-saving light source!

3. Strong and durable: The LED chip is completely encapsulated in the epoxy.

4. LED lamp life: under the right current and voltage, LED lamp life up to 100,000 hours, that is, in theory, the product life up to 10 years, have a longer life than other types of lamps.

5. Safe low voltage: LED lamps use low-voltage DC power supply (AC can be rectified for DC) , power supply voltage between 6 ~ 24V, due to product differences. In a word, it applies DC power supply which is safer than high voltage power supply, especially suitable for home and public place.

6. Wide range of application: Due to compact, each unit LED small slice is 3 ~ 5mm square or circular, so more suitable for the preparation of complex molding process devices. For example, the manufacture of soft, flexible lamp, lamp belt, shaped flowers, currently only suitable for LED.

7. More rich colors

8. Less heat emission: LED is a more advanced cold light source, it is not like incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps as the radiation of a large number of infrared and ultraviolet rays, especially suitable for cultural relics, jewelry, high-end cosmetics and other valuables lighting.

9. Less environmental pollution

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