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Decorate your lovely swimming pool with colorful LED underwater fixtures. Underwater LED lights can also be used in pools, wells, ponds, lakes or waterfalls. If you are searching for such bright LED swimming pool lights, then Leboda lighting is a professional LED swimming pool lights supplier.

Our underwater LED lights for swimming pool are of lower power consumption and friendly to environment. We design and produce waterproof outdoor LED flood lights, having no mercury or other harmful materials. We care about quality of LED underground lamps, but also pursue innovatively-designed decoration to your swimming pool.

LED underwater luminaire from Leboda lighting are energy efficient and of high lumen. Low voltage swimming pool lights are completely sealed to be water resistant and also safe to use. Our swimming pool light bulb replacements ensure long time of service and are guaranteed to have 2 years warranty.

Leboda lighting is always ready to offer competitive products and great service to our global customers.

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