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LED Street Light

LED Street Light

Led Street lights have three major advantages:

1. Carefully designed LED street lights give out a clear, controllable, beautiful light. Led lamps are designed with optical elements that ensure that light reaches where it belongs, which means less light is wasted.

2. The LED lamp maintenance costs lower, lower energy consumption. Since most street lights are owned and operated by government companies, using LEDS can reduce energy consumption by about 40 percent. At the same time, the more important saving is maintenance. High-pressure sodium lamps must be replaced at least every five years because the lumen output will be reduced. Materials and labor for a single light bulb replacement may cost $80 to $200. Because LED lamps last three to four times longer than HID lamps, individual maintenance savings can be significant.

3. Decorative LED street lighting is growing. With the improvement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing cost, lighting manufacturers can provide a wider choice of decorative lighting, can imitate the lighting design of the old gas lamp, etc. .

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