5g Smart Light Poles for Street Lights

Different from the traditional lighting poles, the public recently found that these lighting poles on the site are not only have lights, but also have intelligent devices such as convenient service information release screen, video monitor and 5g network signal, which makes the most common street lights on the roadside become "high".

Today, there are more than 1000 intelligent light poles on the 65 km Hangzhou Changsha expressway, which can not only save the government more than 2.5 million yuan in lighting costs every year, but also realize the whole process digital automatic monitoring of high-speed traffic. For example, for high-speed goods overload, bridge tunnel cracks and other road problems, the intelligent sensor installed on the intelligent light pole can "capture" at the speed of millisecond, and send an early warning to the local transportation management department, so as to make timely treatment and ensure road traffic safety.

"This is the result of" end edge cloud "edge operation, that is, intelligent sensors and cameras are" ports ", which can collect data in the first time; GECC edge computing controller independently developed is" edge ", which can realize millisecond judgment under 5g transmission; the visualization cloud platform of 3D model is" cloud ", which can store and process all data and images." This is also the 5g era, the in-depth application of Internet of things technology.

In recent years, the "new infrastructure" industry around 5g network and future smart city construction is booming, and more and more intelligent light poles with multiple roles will be on the city streets. A smart light pole can gather LED lights, monitoring, weather, charging pile, display release, warning and other functions. In the future, it will be used for "digital automatic monitoring" and "with the help of multiple intelligent sensors on the intelligent lamp post, it can realize real-time monitoring of urban environment such as brightness, noise, air pollution, municipal buildings, etc., so as to collect various urban data and enable social grassroots governance." In the future, the technology has gradually extended and expanded from smart transportation to future communities, smart cities and other fields,

Leboda lighting are developing and researching with the recent advance technology, hoping to contribute for smart city projects. 

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